First Story Event!

Our first event is approaching quickly!

On Saturday March 25, we are hosting our first story event of the 2023 season. It follows the Ancuram celebration of Growth.

Growth is a time when the green returns to the land, making bushes and trees more full, and a breath of life is brought back into the natural world. Foraging for nuts and berries are important during this time. New opportunities and new relationships grow with much vigor during this season.

During this season there is the Equinox Celebration, a time when light and dark are once again in balance and light starts to take claim to the days. These celebrations are normally full of flowers and bright natural colors. Traditionally this event is symbolized by the great tree, a representation of all phases of life and how we are all connected like the roots of the ancient woods.

For more on the Ancuram, visit it’s culture page.

We ask that you bring something to share to this event. Since it is about bringing together the community, we will be having a potluck, a few activities including sewing bags, flower crown making, and candle decorating. If you dont have anything to bring, then bring a story, or song that you can share with others. Keep in mind though everything will be in character!

The goal of this event is to flex our roleplay muscles and feature some of the new aspects of our game, including the Job Board and Factions.


– Roleplay: Higher than Average.

– Combat: Little to none. (Depending on the weather.)

– Potluck

– The new Job board will be active

– ALL Factions will be present

– Player crafting and in game crafting.


Note: Known allergies include: strawberries, real crab, real cherries, walnuts, and peanuts.



We cannot wait to see you there!

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