During the off season, the GM team has been working on the game rules. We have already announced all of these rules in our social last month but we thought we should probably update the website as well, Here are a bunch of new features and changes to the system.

Rules Clarifications

Multiple Abilities with the same Name

Can a player take multiple Abilities with the same name but different types? (I.E. Physical and Magical Ability Armor)? 

  • No, the different types are meant to represent how a character learns that ability and where the source of their ability comes from. 


In a situation where you want to Downgrade the Rage of an ability, you may take it down to what the original ability was. For Example: If you use Deafen and want to change it to a point and cast, its default range is AOE. It cannot be lowered to any other range below AOE. If you have an ability that you have upgraded though and want to take it down for a specific use that is fine. For example, if you upgrade Suggestion to be a Line of Sight ability, but have a scenario where you want to use it as a touch ability, then you can with no other modifications.

Continuous Damage

Do we have an upgraded ability that can do continuous damage or damage over time? Example was an aura or magic field that if anyone came too close to would take damage. 

  • No, Continuous Damage is too much to keep track of and it goes against our general structure of 1 hit/1 damage.

Rules Changes


We are recodifying Armor and the points associated with them. There are two reasons why we are doing this, one is to give a boost to Cloth Armor, and the second is to open the game up for non-standard armors. 

The New Tiers will be like this:

Synthetic – These are going to be things like plastic, Kydex, or things that don’t fit into the other categories.  This category will give 1 point of Armor to the Global Armor Pool. 

Natural Armor – This tier will include Cloth and Leather Armors. Depending on construction both of these types have benefits and protect against different things so we wanted to give a slight boost to Cloth.

Non-Rigid Metal – This is where your Chainmail will fall. There are multiple types of chainmail so we changed the title to Non-Rigid Metal to support this.

Rigid Metal – This is where Plate, and fall. Anything that has rigid plates to make up the armor. 


If a player wears a helmet patches one of the armor specifications they gain an additional point of armor that goes into their Armor Pool. It does not matter what type of helmet it is or what it is made out of as long as it gives coverage to he head and matches thicknesses of armor of that type.

World Lore Changes

Beastfolk – We have redesigned Beastfolk and removed all of the references to cultural stigmas. This left a large opening with their culture. We chose to build a rich history that is currently unknown to the player base. The Beastfolk are very closely tied to the origin of Astrel but only a few in the world know of this origin as it has been lost. The Beastfolk have a very strong love for storytelling and over decades many stories have been lost, but if you listen, you will find hints to the lost culture and if you listen close enough you might even discover things lost to time.

Ability Changes

Alchemy / Artificing / Artisan – Added text to show that you can only create Tier 4 and 5 recipes with the base ability. If you upgrade it once, you will then unlock Tier 2 through 5, and with a second upgrade you get All Tiers (1-5).

Apply Poison – Apply Poison is now Apply Alchemy, allowing you to apply potions or ailments to an item.

Barrier – We lowered the casting time to 30sec and the number of uses to 2. We also specified that you can not cast through the barrier walls. 

Bolster – We corrected the verbage changing the max points from 4 to 3. You are only able to have a max of 3 points of Ability Armor at a time.

Calm Emotions – This ability is now a roleplay ability, It is used to change someone’s emotional state to neutral. So if someone is being very aggressive or overly happy, you could use this to make them calm down. It does not counteract any behavior altering abilities.

Copy Enchantment – Has been renamed to Copy Artifice. 

Daze / Stun – Daze has been removed. Changed Stun’s duration to 30sec, but you may defend yourself only(No abilities or attacks during the duration). 

Disguise Self / Transmutation – Changed the name of Disguise Self to just Disguise, and removed Transmutation.

Dodge / Steady – Dodge remains the same in being a counter to physical attacks. Steady has now become Physical Resistance and now counters a physical Ability used on you per use.

Disease Resistance / Poison Resistance – These have been combined to become Ailment Resistance.

Haggle – Haggle has been increased. “A player can haggle an NPC merchant to buy an item at cost from the player.” and change to 1 use per-day.

Heal / Self Heal – Heal is just an upgraded version of Self Heal, and with touch abilities you can use them on yourself. So we removed Self Heal.

Infections Disease – Name was changed to Inflict Ailment and is now a monster only ability.

Lore – is being broken up into multiple topics. A full breakdown is bellow.

Knockout / Sleep – Removed Sleep and removed Helmet protection from Knockout. It was also changed to a 10 Sec duration in which you are incomacitated and can not attack, defend, or use abilities.

Magic Missile / Magic Blast – Removed Magic Missile because it is just an upgraded magic blast. There were no changes to Magic Blast.

Resistance – We made a magical version of each of the Resistances and those can be upgraded, and restricted the original’s target range to only “self”. 

Resourceful – Increased the yield from 3 to 5. 

Rig – Changed the wording from 3 strikes to 1 hour. After which the item still fails and then requires twice the number of resources to fix.

New Features

Lore Ability

There is a new ability category for lore abilities just like we have for crafting. Each Lore have generic abilities that you can use it for and each one has a specific thing they can do.

Generic Lore Abilities

Ever Lore ability can do these.

  • You may submit a question in writing to the GMs, and They will get back with you as soon as they are able. This may be between games depending on the detail needed to answer the question. The Answer will be tailored to the lore that you are using.
  • You may interact with Ability Specific cards that will require certain Lore Abilities to use.
  • Color: Fluorescent Blue (Interactable out of game object)

Specific abilities per Lore Ability

  • [Lore: Resource] Type: Lore; Duration: Instant; Range: Area of Effect; Casting Time: 1 min; Create 1 spawn point at a time for 30 abundant materials of your choice.(Does not include Magic or Tech Materials). May place the new spawn point after the previous has been exhausted. All Generic Lore Functions apply to this ability. This ability has 1 use(s) per day.
  • [Lore: Monster] Type: Lore; Duration: Instant; Range: Area of Effect; Casting Time: 1 min; Player may ask a staff or GM to identify a creature. All Generic Lore Functions apply to this ability. This ability has 1 use(s) per day.
  • [Lore: Magic] Type: Lore; Duration: Instiant; Range: Area of Effect; Casting Time: 1 min; – Can take two materials of the same quality to make a Magic resource of the same quality. All Generic Lore Functions apply to this ability. This ability has 1 use(s) per day.
  • [Lore:  Tech] Type: Lore; Duration: Instant; Range: Area of Effect; Casting Time: 1 min; – Can take two materials of the same quality to make a Tech resource of the same quality. All Generic Lore Functions apply to this ability. This ability has 1 use(s) per day.
  • [Lore: Culture] Type: Lore; Duration: Instant; Range: Area of Effect; Casting Time: 1 min;  Choose one language to know permanently: Baahir, Ancuram, Vertegron, Fey, Imperium. You may ask 1 Yes or No Question about that culture. All Generic Lore Functions apply to this ability.  This ability has 1 use(s) per day.
    • Note: All players know Common. 
  •  [Lore: Planes] Type: Lore; Duration: All Day; Range: Area of Effect; Casting Time: 1 min; – Can Identify what plane something or someone comes from. You may also use this ability to make others unable to tell which plane you come from or have been to. All Generic Lore Functions apply to this ability. This ability has 1 use(s) per day.


There are two recipes for traps that can be made, the Basic Trap and the Advanced Trap. These traps can only be applied to a ground plate, or a chest. The result is Entanglement for 30 secs for the basic and the Advanced Trap recipe has Maim Limb effect. 

  • Both the Basic and Advanced Traps can be crafted by the Artisan. 
  • Basic Traps will cost about 5 silver to make.
  • Advanced Traps will cost about 1 gold to make.

Basic Trap

[Entanglement Trap] When triggered Entanglement snares a target for 30 seconds Unless Disable Device is used.

Advanced Trap

[Maim Limb Trap] When triggered Maim limb causes limb damage to the named limb.

Versatile Trap

Alchemists and Artificers can change the effect of any trap that has not been triggered to be a Versatile Trap. It loses its previous ability and gains the effect of the new recipe used on it. 

[Versatile Trap] This requires a Basic or Advanced Trap in its construction. Once Triggered the effect is a touch version of the Ability or Ailment Recipe that was used in its creation.

Alchemist can craft with an ailment recipe to replace the effect on it and add the ailment. Artificers can craft with one of their recipes to replace the effect on it and add the effect they used. 

Traps are a one time use, once they have been set off they are done. If someone uses Disable Device, the device is retained and can be used somewhere else.

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