At Meadowmere LARP, you can create your character to be how you like. We allow players to create their own abilities and races. We strive for our players to have a unique experience with a character they love. Once abilities are submitted, the GMs will work with the player to balance them out within the game and assign how many times per day an ability can be used. The maximum uses per day is five for any ability.

Each character, through progression, will have a maximum of 10 abilities, plus a GM assigned racial or background ability.

Creating Abilities #

When creating a new ability, consider the effect, and make sure that each ability you create only has one effect. For example, if you want to have a fireball, consider taking the pregenerated ability “Magic Bolt” and flavoring your spell ball and role play as fire since a fireball and a lightning bolt likely to have the same effect of one damage to the struck location. Some example effects are knockdown, sleep, and damage dealing.

Abilities can be upgraded through the enhancement of the character’s kit. For example, a mage-type character could create a special glove and inscribe runes on it to increase the power of their magic bolt ability. Suggested enhancements include increasing uses per day, increasing ability delivery type, reducing cast time, etc. Some abilities may have unique ways of increasing their power. Each enhancement counts only towards one ability, but the prop could have roleplay uses otherwise as well.

Gaining New Abilities #

A character gains one new open slot each plot day the player attends. To fill these slots, a character must either participate in a GM provided plot quest, at the end of which a player may choose to add the awarded ability to their repertoire, by learning an ability from another character, or potentially by a personal quest to gain a unique ability.

In order to learn from another character, players must submit a quest proposal to the GM team on or prior to the preceding social event in order to be able to start enacting the quest at an event.

Player characters may “teach” other player characters abilities. When teaching an ability to someone, you must role play for 1 hour an event up to a maximum of 5 events for more difficult abilities.


      • 5 use Abilities take 1 event to learn.

      • 4 use Abilities take 2 events to learn.

      • 3 use Abilities take 3 events to learn.

      • 2 use Abilities take 4 events to learn.

    1 use abilities take 5 events to learn.

    If you do not have someone to teach you an ability, then double the number of events needed.

    You can also propose an ability quests must be submitted with prior notice (Minimum of 1 week but the more time given the better) before event where quest is intended to happen. Camping event are more likely to see these types of opportunities on abilities. Proposed ability quests must be submitted via quest/plot proposal form.

    Changing Abilities #

    We are aware that at some point players may wish to change the abilities on their list once they have filled up each slot. For this, a player can request for a member of the Order of the Halcyon Doctrine to assist in the removal of a skill. A player must remove an old ability before introducing a new one. Ability slots may be removed through our Civil Service System.

    List of Abilities #

    Here is a Link to all of our abilities.

    Upgrading Abilities #

    You can upgrade the attributes of an ability through the points earned in the Civil Service System. Some of those attributes are listed below.

    Ability Attributes #

    Number of Uses #

    Every ability has a set number uses at start. They range from 1 – 5. Abilities that start is 5 uses are designed to be used more often, where as some of the more substantial abilities will start with 1 use. Through the Civil Service System, you can increase the number of uses of any ability up to a maximum of 5. So if it starts at 5, then you can not gain any more.

    Targeting #

    Each type of ability has a way of interacting with others know as its Targeting. 


        1. *Self – This type affects you and only you, so you can use it at any time. (Example: Heal Self, Just say you are using it and complete any necessary requirements and it works)

        1. *Touch – Touch requires you or your weapon to contact another person or weapon. (Example: Disarm, when your weapon contacts someone else’s weapon or shield, you can cast the spell forcing them to drop the item) Abilities like Dodge can escape these abilities.

        1. *Spell Ball – To cast, throw an approved weapon after calling out the ability. The ability must strike a player to affect them. If the spell ball misses and does not contact anyone, the ability is still used, but has no effect. Abilities like Dodge can escape these abilities.

        1. *Point and Cast – All that is needed for Line of Sight is to point your finger at them and speak the spell. (Example: Pain, Pointing at another player and with a 30 second roleplay you can cause that player pain. No actual damage but requires a momentary pause in action and can disrupt other kinds of casting) Dodge cannot escape these types of abilities.

        1. *Line of Sight

        1. *Area of effect – Anyone, friend or foe in a 10 foot radius feels the effects of this type of ability. Dodge cannot escape these types of abilities.

        1. *By My Voice – Anyone that can hear me is affected by this ability. It can not be countered by dodge or blink, but you can use a resistance to prevent you from experiencing the effects. (This is mostly reserved for powerful NPCs.)

      Some abilities make a character un-targetable, Anything that is not a line of sight or area of effect ability, cannot be used on this target.

      In a situation where you want to downgrade the Targeting of an ability, you may take it down to what the original ability was. For example: If you use Deafen and want to change it to a point and cast, its default range is AOE. It cannot be lowered to any other range below AOE. If you have an ability that you have upgraded though and want to take it down for a specific use that is fine. For example, if you upgrade Suggestion to be a Line of Sight ability, but have a scenario where you want to use it as a touch ability, then you can with no other modifications.

      Cast Time #

      Some abilities have a cast time that has to be included when the ability is used. Depending on the ability, find a way to roleplay an action that leads up to it.

      The range of Casting Times can be from Instant cast to 1 minute.

      1 minute > 30 Seconds > 15 Seconds > 10 Seconds > 5 Seconds > Instant

      Duration #

      Depending on the Ability each will have a duration. This describes how long the effects of each ability last. Those effects can be anywhere from Instant to lasting All Day.

      Instant > 10 Seconds > 30 Seconds > 1 Minute > 1 Hour > All Day

      Resistances #

      Some abilities are used as a resistance to other abilities, for example; A resistance to magic would allow you to negate the effects of one magic ability that affected you. There are limits on these abilities as well, once the number of uses are gone for your resistance, then you would be affected with any further abilities of that type that target you.

      Lore Abilities #

      Some Abilities act as knowledge skills, and are known as Lore Abilities. Each Lore Ability has generic actions that you can use it for, and each one has a specific thing they can do that is unique to that ability.

      Generic Lore Abilities #

      Every Lore Ability can do these.


          • – You may submit a question in writing to the GMs, and They will get back with you as soon as they are able. This may be between games depending on the detail needed to answer the question. The Answer will be tailored to the lore that you are using.

          • – You may interact with Ability Specific cards that will require certain Lore Abilities to use.

          • – Color: Fluorescent Blue (Interactable out of game object)

        On top of these, each Lore has a unique ability that is listed in the ability description. Look for these Abilities in the List of Abilities above.


            • – Lore: Culture

            • – Lore: Magic

            • – Lore: Monster

            • – Lore: Planes

            • – Lore: Resource

            • – Lore: Tech