Ailments are something that sticks with you once you have contracted it. They are progressive as well, so if you do not cure it the same day that you contract it, it will get worse. There are three levels of each Ailment, and 3 levels of cures. 

A level 1 Ailment requires the Level 1 Cure, same for the Level 2 and Level 3. Even though there are different types of Ailments, there is only one Cure for each Level. Taking this cure will remove the effects of the Ailment if it’s for the appropriate level. For example, using a level 2 Cure for anything other than any level 2 Ailment will result in it being ineffective.

If you are hit with something that causes an Ailment, each successive strike will advance that ailment to its next level; the max being 3. Remember, not curing an ailment by the end of the day also progresses it to the next level

Below is a list of the ailments and what happens at each level of it:

  1. Poisoned
    1. Level 1: Locks off 1 ability
    2. Level 2: Locks off a 2nd ability
    3. Level 3: Locks off a 3rd ability
  2. Diseased
    1. Level 1: Can’t run
    2. Level 2: Constant 1 HP damage
    3. Level 3: Constant 2 HP damage
  3. Petrification
    1. Level 1: Non-dominant arm becomes unusable
    2. Level 2: Leg of choice becomes unusable
    3. Level 3: Whole body becomes unusable
  4. Paranoia
    1. Level 1: You do not want to be touched at all
    2. Level 2: You don’t want anyone to be within 10 feet of you
    3. Level 3: You avoid all contact with others
  5. Hallucinations
    1. Level 1: You constantly see something in your peripheral vision and you think it’s a threat
    2. Level 2: You confuse PCs for other PCs
    3. Level 3: Inability to distinguish friends or foes
  6. Impaired
    1. Level 1: Drunkenness
    2. Level 2: Wandering and extreme emotions
    3. Level 3: Uncontrollable divination (please see a GM if you get inflicted with this)
  7. Orc Syndrome
    1. Level 1: You think you can take on anything
    2. Level 2: You actively try to take thing by yourself
    3. Level 3: You hunt everyone
  8. Burned
    1. Level 1: You are Stunned anytime someone touches you
    2. Level 2: It hurts too much to wear armor
    3. Level 3: It hurts too much to hold or equip anything