Duchy Illychnyaev Culture

This duchy is in the Northeast and is run by Duke Petor Illychnyaev. This Duchy borders Baahir, making it a prime area for trading with the Baahir people. Most of the Halcyon Sovereignty‘s Wood and Furs come from this area due to a rich forest that covers a large area of the Region.

Real world ties: This area is based around the Slavic nations. Characters hailing from this area would have Slavic accents.

Culture #

They are inquisitive and rarely stay in one place for long. Many of the Denizens of this area live in settlements carved out of the woods themselves. If you were not from here or new what you were looking for you might walk right by them.

Caravans #

While there are some notable settlements that are permanent many choose to travel liver with groups and caravans that move between settlements. These caravans are nomadic in nature, will settle one place for a few months then move on to a new place. Sometimes they are as small as 2-3 families or as large as 25 -30. The sizes of these groups change drastically as some families will choose to stay in one place while the others move on to the next place. Sometimes these caravans will bring with them entertainment and experiences to share with the more permanent residents. Some are crafters, some are hunters, they each have their own focus.

Ziva’s Fools Fally #

One caravan in particular is known to bring a festival with it as it travels. Settled denizens look forward to them making their way through their territory every year. The Festival is called Festival of the Fools and is hosted by Ziva Khalmenov.

Population Statistics #

Total PopulationTBD

Major Houses #

Geography #

This Duchy’s main features are the Noori Foothills and the Izzat Forest

The Largest supply of timber and hides for the Halcyon Sovereignty come from this Duchy. 

Attire #

The Denizens of Duchy Illychnyaev wear a lot of white or light colors with layered fabrics that are usually single color cloths with embroidery on the edges. Embroidery is a pretty extensive adornment to clothing but trim is used as well. When it is used it is normally around the upper arms and Hems. Embroidery is also be a sign of wealth in this region, the more intricate it is, the wealthier the individual. For jewelry, amulets and Talismans are very common.

Clothing, Armor, and Weapons are always solid and well made and are considered very practical pieces. Armor tends to be scale or lamellar. Runes are also very common in this area but they are more commonly on homes and structures than on weapons or armor.

Material #

The fabrics are usually wool, felt, heavy cotton, leather and sometimes fur trim, but the cloth is mostly plain. The Embroidery or trim is what stands them apart.