Duchy Jernigan Culture

Culture #

This land is carried by Honor, integrity, on the search for glory and achievement. This is considered to be one of the more comfortable duchies in the empire, but don’t think that those that live here are not hard working. They pride themselves with being able to complete a hard days work.

Most of this duchy is comprised of laborers, farmers, and trades men. The Land is worked and prosperity is tilled through the soft earth with every harvest. Here nature is tamed and Life is generally considered to be simple, making this a common place for former glory seekers to retire. The people here tend to be proud of their accomplishments and never forget a grudge. Family feuds have been going back generations to the point where no one knows when it started or why they are even fighting in the first place. They are very traditional and because of their sustainability, they supply a majority of the crops to the other duchies. most towns are surrounding a market at the center that is usually filled with food, skilled crafters and traveling tradesmen.

Real world ties: This area is based around England and France. Characters hailing from this area would have English or French accents. The de Jardins lean heavily French, and the Jernigans lean heavily English.

Population Statistics #

Total PopulationTBD

Major Houses #

Nobels #

This Duchy is in the southeast is run by Duchess Duchess Agatha Jernigan, also known as Iron Agatha.

Beneath the Duchess, the ruling Earls consist of Earl Guillaume de Jardin and Earl Renard Royce. The de Jardin family and the Jernigan family are in constant competition. 

Next in authority are the Counts, consisting of Countess Isabeau de Jardin and Count Henri de Jardin in the de Jardin line, and Count Norman Royce and Count Guy Jernigan in the Jernigan line.

Below the Counts, the presiding de Jardin Barons are Baron Ricard de Jardin, Baron Vincent de Jardin, Baron Louis de Jardin, and Baroness Jaquette Renaux. The Jernigans employ Baroness Cecily Jernigan, Baroness Rosilind Jernigan, Baroness Elena Royce, and Baron Anslem Fairchild.

The lowest ranking nobles, the lords and ladies are as follows. Under the de Jardin flag are Lord Jaques de Jardin, Lady Alberea de Jardin, Lord Tanguy de Jardin, Lady Gilette de Jardin, Lady Alips de Jardin, Lady Agatha Renaux, Lady Colette Lyon, and Lady Alberea Roussau. The Jernigans flag holders are Lady Adeline Fairchild, Lord William Royce, Lady Agatha Jernigan, Lady Ida Jernigan, Lord Peter Jernigan, Lord Arnold Stenstrom, Lord Allister Chambers, and Lady Mary Fairchild.

Geography #

This Duchy is mostly comprised of the Golden Plains, but it also includes the Cobalt mangrove, and the Rocfort Woodlands.

Attire #

Its not uncommon for warriors to be in full plate or mail wearing heraldry of their house. The garb for this area is commonly tunics and pants, things that are comfortable yet functional. They use a lot of plain flat colors, mostly the soft colors of natural dyes or unbleached cloth.