The Capital is the collective lands owned by the King and Queen of the Halcyon Sovereignty. Here there is one large city surrounding the Citadel and quite a bit of land that supports the numerous Nobility along with the military kept by the ruling family.

Population Statistics #

Total PopulationTBD

Location #

The Capital sits wedged between three separate duchies. To the west is Duchy Stenstrom, To the north is Duchy Illychnyaev, and to the south and east is Duchy Jernigan. The only Duchy that does not border the Capital is Duchy Velazquez.

Names #

Many belong to a House in the capital and use it very prominently. At birth they are given a name by their parents and when they become older take a second name when they go out on their own, but it is always followed by “Of House…” It is also not uncommon for these individuals to take on more names at important moments in their life.

Culture #

The capital is also known as the Forever City, as in they are forever awake. There is always something to do weather it be a tavern with live performance or a theater with new an witty works to entertain the masses. Since the capital is also home to a large portion of military, the capital is home to some of the brightest, most strategic minds in the Empire. In general, the houses with the most wealth tend to be seen as winning the great game that is life. Manners and respect are important and the populous shows respect to others no matter how much discontent their may be.

Rules #

Rules are held very highly in the capital, and those that break the law are heavily criticized. Catching someone breaking the law is the most shameful act you can have on your or your family. It is not to say that these things don’t happen they are just extremely rare and acts of desperation for the one that perpetuates it knows they have already lost. An extreme case of this may be assassination, this is considered murder and illegal, but in this society

Competition is one the the most sought after things in the Capital and the rules of the any chosen competition are seen as law for the duration and the same social stigmas come with breaking the rules as they would with breaking the law. Dueling is a very common activity here, but humiliation is enough of a reward, plus dueling to the death is illegal and no one wants to break a law. Challenges are usually public and commonly happen between noble houses. Image is everything in this culture.

Organizations #

The Order has a major influence here and many seek council from Order Religious Leaders. Military and Noble houses are closely tied being that many of the Nobles hold positions in the Military, thus house banners are a common thing to see among the families. There are some here that can trace their family name back to former royals including the Saints themselves.

Attire #

The Capital tends to be very high in wealth and the fabrics used show that. They colors they usually wear are rich in vibrant a lot of reds and blues, or house specific colors.

Materials #

They like to use a lot of velvet, Cotton, Silk, Fur Trim, Brocade, Damask, and Jacquard.