The Order of the Halcyon Doctrine is an organization that works in tandem with the Government that manages a lot of the day to day flow of information and assists in more of the political aspects of the Halcyon Sovereignty. Commonly its refereed to as The Order.

Order Rules

Unlawful Magics: #
  • Necromancy or Resurrection
  • Spatial/Temporal Manipulation
  • Mental Domination
  • Evocation for purposes of Assault/Murder
  • Counterfeiting or Unlawful Alchemy 
  • Unregistered Thaumaturgy
  • Divination of State Affairs
Level of Magic Classifications: #
  1. Lesser Magic Users
  2. Moderate Magic Users-Novice Level Order Members – Local
  3. Advanced Magic Users-Moderate Level Order Members – Local
  4. Greater Magic Users-High Level Order Members – Duchy
  5. Epic/Dangerous Magic Users-Invictus Dominus Order Members – Capital

Structure and Pay #

There are seven departments within the Order; The Bureaucrats, The Magical Bureaucrats, State Affairs, Internal Affairs, Security, Information Services, and Religious Services. Each department has several positions but before you can be specialized in the Order you must first complete three ranks and only after you are an Apprentice may you move into one of these specialized departments.  

The beginning three ranks are Novice, Neophyte, and Apprentice, requiring a test to be able to move on to the next thing. From time to time an individual comes along with certain innate abilities that put them on the fast track for certain positions.

The Bureaucrats #

This is the Legal Division of the Order. It is filled with roles like Notaries, Tax Collectors, Accountants, Lawyers, all the way up to the High Magistrate, Illeas Dawnkind, who oversees the entire Banking System.

The Magical Bureaucrats #

These individuals handle the more magical side of things, investigating odd occurrences, and ensuring that no one is ever at risk of being harmed from anything magical. 

State Affairs #

This division of the Order is filled with representatives that are assigned to members of the royal family and ruling houses. It insures that every person from the King and Queen down to the Lords and Ladies have council with the Order at any time. 

Internal Affairs #

When you have an internal dispute with someone else in the office, you end up here with HR. It also houses the educators for all the different branches of the Order.

Security #

All the Paladins and Justiciars fall within this department. Skilled warriors that can be called upon to handle situations when they arise.

Information Services #

The spread of information can be difficult with all the things that are happening in Astrel, so the Information services makes sure that everyone knows about what they need to know about. This will include your town criers, postal service and Librarians. The rumor is that some individuals in this department don’t just tell us what has happened, but may even have ways of predicting it. 

Religious Services #

These services cover all the religions that need to commune with the saints. It is filled with Monks, Priests, and Clerics, all available to assist the people with what is troubling them.