Staff Role

Table of Contents

Requirements #

  • Must have attended three (3) day events and one (1) weekend event to be eligible a. Exceptions may apply at discretion of the GMs
  • Serve one (1) season at a time
  • Applications accepted from end of season until December 31. Applications will be reviewed at the January GM meeting
  • Cannot be involved in the leadership of a competing LARP

Expectations #

  • Attend one (1) staff meeting before each weekend event
  • Assist with executive functions at events at the discretion of the GMs
    • Examples, but not limited to:
      • Setup and tear down (placing props, scouting areas, etc…)
      • Extra NPC shifts as needed
  • Must enforce player safety at all times
  • Any issues, questions, or ideas brought forth to you must be brought the GMs’ attention in writing
  • Cannot make rules calls on the fly. You must get a GM for this.