Meadowmere LARP Events

Interested in joining us at Meadowmere LARP? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Types of Events

Socials - Free

Socials are free events where you can interact with other players, learn about the rules, and build characters. Garb is not required for these events, but some players like to dress up anyways. These events are usually held at libraries or other public and easily accessible spaces.

Day Events - $10

Day Events usually take place in a local park. We will rent out a pavilion, and that will be our base of operations for the event. We encourage players to be in garb and remain in character for a majority of the event. 
Here you will have an opportunity to interact with other player characters inside the story that the Game Masters present for the day. Each player brings a unique perspective to the events and helps encourage an amazing co-operative storytelling venture.

Camping Events - $35/$45

Camping Events usually start of Friday afternoon and continue until Sunday afternoon. During which, players interact as their characters throughout the weekend, while camping and addressing challenges set for by the weekends plot. 

Many times, there are bunks and cabins available, and sometimes tent camping as well. The options available heavily depends on the site we reserve.

We offer a Pre-registration rate of $35 to help us pay for the venue. If you wait until after the Pre-registration period, the price goes up to $45 at the event. 

Special Events - Variable

From time to time, we host Special Events that will sometimes use player characters. These events may not always be cannon, but may also be promotional for the organization.

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