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We are a growing LARP, and offer options for sponsorships at events and on our website. Please use their services!

Epic Armoury Unlimited

Epic Armoury Unlimited is the BEST Medieval store for LARP equipment because we care about your well being on the battlefield. We sell Foam Swords, Medieval & Renaissance Clothing and wearable Metal or Leather Armor that is ready to use. We have built up a solid reputation for being the biggest supplier of LARP gear for roleplayers and contributing to the LARP community in Canada and the United States. We give personalized service and pride ourselves on the quality of our gear.

“Our products are designed by LARPers, for LARPers!”

Our Mission

Our mission is to earn the loyalty of our customers through the distribution of quality medieval products, excellent service, and safe roleplay gear with innovative designs. We thrive on energetic, passionate Larpers, Cosplayers, Renaissance Fair goers and medieval enthusiasts who attract and nourish the LARP community and who have a love for the hobby. We continually provide the best live-action roleplay equipment in North America by helping to unite the LARP community.

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