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Faction Tracker

This is where we keep track of you leveling up in your faction. This field is meant to be the cumulative tracker that carries over between events. DO NOT DELEAT the information, but add what you did in this event to the number that is already there.

  • What to enter into the Faction Tracker:
    • Major Factions
      • Town Guard – Rank Given after a Review
      • The Order – The total number of Order Reports written on the forum.
      • The Syndicate – The total number of Syndicate Jobs you have completed.
      • The Merchants – The total value of items you have sold from your merchant sheets.
      • The Guilds – The total number of Guild Jobs you have completed.
    • Minor Factions
      • All Other Factions – The Total Amount of Gold you have donated. (This gold gets returned to the Props station, and does not go into the faction’s bank accou

      This is where you track if you had an ailment at the end of the game and what severity it was. You will have this ailment at the start of the next game, but it will be one stronger.

      1. Poisoned
        1. Level 1: Locks off 1 ability
        2. Level 2: Locks off a 2nd ability
        3. Level 3: Locks off a 3rd ability
      2. Diseased
        1. Level 1: Can’t run
        2. Level 2: Constant 1 HP damage
        3. Level 3: Constant 2 HP damage
      3. Petrification
        1. Level 1: Non-dominant arm becomes unusable
        2. Level 2: Leg of choice becomes unusable
        3. Level 3: Whole body becomes unusable
      4. Paranoia
        1. Level 1: You do not want to be touched at all
        2. Level 2: You don’t want anyone to be within 10 feet of you
        3. Level 3: You avoid all contact with others
      5. Hallucinations
        1. Level 1: You constantly see something in your peripheral vision and you think it’s a threat
        2. Level 2: You confuse PCs for other PCs
        3. Level 3: Inability to distinguish friends or foes
      6. Impaired
        1. Level 1: Drunkenness
        2. Level 2: Wandering and extreme emotions
        3. Level 3: Uncontrollable divination (please see a GM if you get inflicted with this)
      7. Degenerative Aggression Geas (DAG) Syndrome
        1. Level 1: You think you can take on anything
        2. Level 2: You actively try to take thing by yourself
        3. Level 3: You hunt everyone
      8. Burned
        1. Level 1: You are Stunned anytime someone touches you
        2. Level 2: It hurts too much to wear armor
        3. Level 3: It hurts too much to hold or equip anything

      If you have trainined an ability


      When you have learned a recipe in game.

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