Imperium Northern Record Hall

Addressing the First Imperium Archivist

As per your inquiry into the ongoings of Astrelle and its citizenry, I have been recording diligently the rumors, secrets, and topics of interest during my stay. As you warned me, it has been a much stranger stay than my time at the Records Hall, and I find myself wishing more and more for the candlelit halls amidst these dark nights. Before I find myself reminiscing too much of my books, I must report to you immediately a strange event that is to remain a secret.

A noble family sent hired hands to attack my travelling companions the other night, and were repelled significantly. All the attackers were killed, and one of them seemed to be of the noble family itself. Once everyone gathered back at camp and victors had been congratulated, all were gathered and told to keep the affair quiet (which means to keep it secret, by the way!). I think this could be tied the Lady Elaina (who is not a duchess, despite what some have told me), whom many of Guild seem to report to. I await your correspondence and your advice.

Ilisef, of the Northern Record Hall

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