A letter from a samurai to a lover far away.

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      Kazuro Itsumo

        My Dearest Koshiro,

        It seems my travels have brought me to a new land, and although it is far from home, it feels very similar. Even though I have only observed and listened, the people here are an interesting lot, however I see a bunch of friendly faces amongst them, no matter how questionable their intentions might be.

        The thing is, this place has been at war, and we are surrounded by the enemy on all sides when I arrived, and although I barely know the beings that dwell here, they seem to need a guardian, someone to protect them. In order for me to become so, I need to grow stronger. Even though my travel here has hampered my abilities, in time, I feel I may grow strong once again and be the hero you know I am capable of being.

        It’s funny. You would seem to enjoy the many faces here if you came to know them. They all seem to have a sort of joy in their life, no matter what odds are stacked against them. You would really enjoy the Gouda most of all.

        I do miss you, my love, and I hope you are smiling from wherever you are. I long to reunite with you, but until then, I will remain to protect the people, their lives, and the bonds they share with one another.

        With all the love that is in me,
        Your Starlight,
        Kazuro Rai Yagoni-Itsumo.

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