Arias journal 03/25

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        Went better than expected! It was nice meeting all these new people who’ve wandered in and seeing familiar faces. I ended up bringing lembas bread but I added my own twist, orange glaze. I thought the sour sweetness helped balance out the warm spices. People seemed to like them! After the introductions and opening, speech? We all grazed on the buffet and began to mingle. I’m maybe starting to feel like an adventurer. I met a girl named… AUGH WHY I CANT REMEMBER! Well I’ll call her Lefty since she chopped off a dudes left hand (spoilers). She told me that she was from the west and had recently escaped from a combo fight pit/jail. Her mother was a thief who gave birth while in jail and she was taken to fight in the warden’s secret fight pit. Her nickname is Kit! Just remembered that, anyway she trained and eventually was able to escape and in the process cut off the warden’s hand, very cool. Little surprised she told me all this, what if I was a guard? Or like part of the military? She said no wanted posters or call to have her arrested have come up yet but still.

        Next I met again, Alisandra?? Her name is somewhat close to mine. Aria 2.0, the cooler Aria. We talked about her past as well, another tragic tale. Raised a half elf in a village of elves. Never fit in and felt outcasted. One day unconscious human boy shows up and her family takes care of him, they become friends. When he left they were supposed to erase his memories so he could never find the village but she slipped a map into his pocket. Her life continued until he came back, with an army. Killing and burning all they could she took three children into the secret tunnels underneath the village, only for the tunnels to lead straight to the army’s camp. They were all captured and she was forced to be a scout and help the army with the children as leverage. None of the children are alive. She escaped later on and came here quite awhile ago. She’s such a positive person, I wonder what’s going on behind the scenes though. I’ll have to keep an eye on her, not cause she’s suspicious but because I want to help her alleviate the guilt and pain in anyway I can.

        She ended up asking what my story was, kinda panicked. What am I supposed to say? Ya yeah know, abused by a teacher, crush got killed, never found true friends or a place where I fit in, beat up a carnival ringmaster, killed a crazed hunter, fell through a portal and I still haven’t gone crazy. I tried to lead her off but she insisted so I told them about Daisy’s death. Appropriately sad I think. They apparently don’t have adventuring schools around here because they didn’t really know what I was talking about when it came to my school and how it worked. I think I have a good enough tale to where that should lead them off my tracks. After we all got our tragic backstories off our backs Alisandra said that we should make a therapy group! Which I’m all for cause like. I don’t think I know a single person here who doesn’t need therapy. We also talked about going on a tour of all the different places around the country, which I would love. I don’t know much about where I’ve ended up and learning about cultures is already one of my favorite things. We also sang together when we were making flower crowns, very good and very fun.

        Around this time I also became acquainted with Gladius. He seems like a cool person, dad abandoned him and I’m not quite sure what his goal is. He wants to join the therapy group as well. I can feel a sense of kindred connection with him, I don’t know why. He and I talked for awhile, mostly about random topics. And octopi. After a bit of banter and practice fighting we all sent the ambassadors on their way, I gave them a self healing totem as they said that they don’t know what they are walking into. So I’m now, 75% sure one of them is going to die. Also me and Gladius joined the consortium. And now we are guards. 😐 I’m awful at guard activities, I already suck at interacting with people now I have to tell them what to do?! I don’t want to arrest someone! Well I guess I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it.

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