2023 Post Season Break

Thank you all for participating in our 2023 LARP season. The Game Master’s (GMs) have been thrilled with the engagement and all of the new faces that we have seen through out the year. In an effort to prevent burnout, the GMs will be taking a break until the beginning of the year. This gives us a chance to recharge and work on more ways to traumatize, I mean support all of you in the coming season. In the mean time, please continue to fill out any requests you have or contact us through Facebook on our Meadowmere LARP LLC, page, or on the Help channel on our Discord. If it is not urgent, we will most likely be getting back to you at the start of the new year.

What Does This Mean for Players?

As a player, we encourage you to continue to write stories about your character, interact with other players, or even roleplay on our Discord. We will also continue to have Socials through the off season with plans for players to help create the content of what will be happening at each. Be on the lookout for updates on those socials and what you might expect to find at them in future announcements.

What Can I Do to Prepare for Next Season?

There are several things you can do to prepare for the upcoming season:

  • Update Your Kit – Many players use this time to update their garb, clothing, weapons, and other things that help them feel emerged in the LARP.
  • Work on Your Backstory – It’s common for players to not know what their backstory is when they first come into LARP, so their characters backstory changes over time. That is ok! The off season is a great time to fill in deatails you didnt have before.
  • Request Character Plot – Starting the beggining of the year, the GMs will be working on the main story that will be the focus for the 2024 season. If you want to suggest anything, please make sure you fill out our In-Game Request form before then if you want your summisions to be considered in the main plot for next year.

What Do We Know About Next Season?

Right now, the only thing that we have announced is that we will be on a journey across Astrel and we will have a focus on the Beast Folk history in Astrel, Vertigron Companies, and other various factions.


Thank you for playing your part, and we will be seeing you next year!

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