There are a lot of updates we have made over the off season. We tried to bring all of them together in one post so you may review all of them at once. Each of these will be added to our rules section in the coming months.

Learning Abilities

To learn an ability, you must first have an open ability slot on your character sheet. There are two ways to lean an ability

  • GM Gift (Rewards for participating in events. Given day or weekend events.)
  • Learning an ability in game.

Each ability takes a certain number of points to learn on your own. The number of points is tied to the number of uses a base ability has.

  • 5 uses = 2 Points
  • 4 uses = 4 Points
  • 3 uses = 6 Points
  • 2 uses = 8 Points
  • 1 uses = 10 Points

The number of points will be listed on the character sheet after you start learning an ability. There are some exceptions to this, but this is the general guideline. Each Point requires 1 hour of role-play in the game practicing or learning the ability. Its important to know that the hour does not have to be sequential. No more than 1 hour per day will be counted on an ability, but you can gain more than one point with the aid of a few different options.

Help (someone who knows the ability)

  • If someone who knows the ability helps you learn it, then you get an additional point for that hour of training.


  • If the training is done in the school, you will gain an additional point for that hour of training.

Using both of these options will give you 3 points total for 1 hour of training. Once you have filled up all of the points needed for an ability, you are able to use it.

Locks, Keys, and Lock Picking

Locks are a new item able to be created by Artisans. Players will them in at end of game, and add them to Check-out Sheet at the end of game. For simplicity’s sake, we will not actually lock containers, we will hang them on the containers.

In order to unlock a lock, you must posses the key that goes with it. If you want others to be able to open it, they must be given the key.

Licks will be painted blue to indicate that certain abilities can affect them. One such ability is Sunder.

Sundering a Lock destroys it and Sets off any traps placed in the container when opened, with no chance to disable it. Scarce Resources, Rare Resources and non-artifact crafted items are destroyed. All other items can be retrieved. The container is not damaged.

Disable Device is able to be used to “lock pick” or open a lock without damaging it. We are choosing to use it instead of creating a new ability. Because of this change, we are updating Disable Device to have 1 additional use. This brings its starting uses up to 3.

Keys are now an object that can be pickpocketed.

Basic Income

Characters will have ways to gain coin outside of game, (jobs, work for hire, etcetera.) The Basic Income will be set at 7 copper. This is about half the pay of a Soldier.

Players will start gaining this income on their third event. If you at any time join the Order, Military, or another group that gives you a passive income, then you will no longer receive the Basic Income, but instead will receive the pay of your new position which will be higher.

Player Created Organizations (PCO)

Phase 1

Any group may start their own group in-game without any need to have approval by the GM’s. If you want anything special associated with the group then you will need to meet special requirements.

Group Bank Account and Requirements

  • 1 Gold Fee to open the account.
  • You must have a chest that is used for your in-game account.
    • This chest must be in game at all time. (Can be disguised but must be in game.)
  • Keep a living roster of all members.
    • This also must be in game at all time.
  • The account can be withdrawn at check-in by members designated on the roster.
    • If it is not withdrawn at check-in then nothing can be added to the account that day.

Phase 2

We are working on a way to add bonuses to your organization. Expect updates in 2023.

Possible upgrades might include:

  • Set number of materials each game.
  • Set number of coins each game.
  • Set number of items each game. (Maybe things like health potions.)
  • Regular income for each player.
  • Nothing is set yet, and we are open to ideas.

Ailment Name Change

We are changing the name of Orc Syndrome. Its new name is Degenerative Aggression Geas or DAG

Nerf Blasters Addition

Nerf style blasters are going to be allowed in game at the start of the season. The trade negotiation that happened at the last camp event unlocked them for the players.


External or appearance modification are encouraged, but at no time should you ever cover up the orange muzzle of the Nerf Blaster. This is a safety issue.

Internal modifications are less encouraged but we understand that they are sometimes necessary. For this reason we will be testing the speed of the blaster and only allowing speeds up to 110 feet per second (fps). All US, off the shelf, single shot blasters are currently under this rating. These decisions allow for three things:

  • Non-Nerf brand blasters may be used, even 3D printed ones.
  • If a spring wears out, you are able to repair it rather than be forced to by a whole new blaster.
  • Eye protection is not mandatory at these limitations.


For the time being, ammo for these blasters are going to be handed out by the GMs, this may change in the future. If you have a specific type of ammo you want to use in game, please let the GMs know. We may already have some. Donations of ammo are accepted.

  • You cannot use the dodge ability against a blaster attack.
  • There is a new recipe for blaster ammo.
  • Any ammo fired from a blaster is considered spent. 
  • Spent Ammo can be used as 1 Abundant Ore.
    • This encourages players to pick up ammo that they find on the ground.

Archery Changes

To balance out archery and blasters we are making a change to archery.

  • There is a new recipe for arrows.
  • Any arrow that hits a target is considered spent.
    • If an arrow misses its target, you may pick it up and use it again.


“To Learn” Cost

Our current rules say that a character must spend 3x the cost in resources to learn a new recipe. This only is for the first time the recipe is made, and the time spent crafting is equal to the number of resources used in the recipe. One minute for each resource used. 

The new rules will remove the added resources needed and focus only on the time it takes to craft a recipe for the first time. The “To Learn” cost will now be a 3X increase in time to craft a new recipe, but only for the first time it is created.

For example: If an Alchemist wants to learn how to make a Health Potion, it costs 3 Common (Plant) and 4 Abundant (Plant) in resources to make. Normal crafting time would be 7 Minutes, whereas the first time it is made, it takes 21 minutes. 

Crafted Item Cast Time

Crafted Items are instant use unless otherwise stated. This is not new, but a clarification.

Adding Recipes to Character Sheets

We are currently working on adding known recipes to character sheets. We felt this was a quality of life update that was needed. With this will come with a new updated Check-in form that we are currently working on. It will be in place by the first camp event.

New Recipes

  • Blaster Ammo 
    • Artisan Tier 5 (Lowest Tier)
    • Resource requirements are per ammo created. Any number of ammo may be made with one use of crafting.
    • 3 Abundant Ore, 3 Abundant chemical 
    • Cost to Make: 6c / To Sell: 4c / To Buy: 8c 
  • Arrows
    • Artisan Tier 5 (Lowest Tier)
    • Resource requirements are per arrow created. Any number of arrows may be made with one use of crafting.
    • 2 Abundant Ore, 3 Abundant Plant 
    • Cost to Make: 5c / To Sell: 3c / To Buy: 7c 
  • Lock & Key
    • Artisan Tier 4 (Second Lowest Tier)
    • This item may be used to “Lock” one container. (Does not include pockets.)
    • 3 Common (Ore) 4 Abundant (Ore)
    • Cost to Make: 3s 4c/ To Sell: 2s 6c / To Buy: 4s 3c
  • Repair Kit
    • Artisan Tier 3 (Middle Tier)
    • 1 Repair Kit fully repairs 1 piece of Equipment. 2 Repair Kits repair a Station. 3 Repair Kits repair a Building.
    • 5 Common Ore, 5 Common Animal, 5 common Plant
    • Cost to Make: 1g 5s / To Sell: 1g 1s 3c  / To Buy: 1g 8s 8c
  • Enhance Equipment
    • Artisan Tier 5 (Lowest Tier)
    • Enhance Equipment. Enhance one piece of equipment to have one use of Physical Resistance. You may want to mark the equipment in some way.
    • 2 Common Ore
    • Cost to Make: 2s  / To Sell: 1s 5c  / To Buy: 2s 5c
  • Enhance Blades
    • Artisan Tier 5 (Lowest Tier)
    • An Enhanced Blade gives one use of Precision Hit to a bladed weapon. You may want to mark the weapon in some way.
    • 1 Common Ore, 1 Common Plant, 1 Common Animal
    • Cost to Make: 3s  / To Sell: 2s 3c  / To Buy: 3s 8c
  • Enhance Strikes
    • Artisan Tier 5 (Lowest Tier)
    • An Enhanced Strike gives one use of Sunder to a blunted weapon. You may want to mark the weapon in some way.
    • 2 Common Ore
    • Cost to Make: 2s  / To Sell: 1s 5c  / To Buy: 2s 5c
  • Enhance Polearms
    • Artisan Tier 5 (Lowest Tier)
    • An Enhanced Polearm gives one use of Knockback to a polearm. You may want to mark the weapon in some way.
    • 3 Common Ore
    • Cost to Make: 3s  / To Sell: 2s 3c  / To Buy: 3s 8c

Re-Aligning of Crafting System

We had a lot of questions about the different crafting systems, so we have worked to streamline and clarify their different roles.


The Artisan has a total of 26 Recipes which is the lowest amount of the three, but also is the most used crafter. Their focus is the creation and repairing of non-magical armor, equipment, structures, and tools.

Tier 5 Recipe List (9)
  • Repair Synthetic or Natural Armor
  • Repair Metal Armor
  • Repair Equipment
  • Create Ammo
  • Create Arrows
  • Enhance Equipment*
  • Enhance Blades*
  • Enhance Strikes*
  • Enhance Polearms*
Tier 4 Recipe List (3)
  • Basic Trap
  • Advanced Trap
  • Lock & Key
Tier 3 Recipe List (1)
  • Surgeons kit
Tier 2 Recipe List (6)
  • Bookshelf
  • Med Station
  • Shrine
  • Trade Station
  • Well
  • Workbench
Tier 1 Recipe List (6)
  • Infirmary
  • School
  • Shop
  • Spa
  • Temple
  • Workshop


The Alchemist has 57 Recipes. This is the most recopies available to any crafter. Their focus is the creation of consumables that focus on healing and status effects.

Tier 5 Recipe List (1)
  • Lessor Restore
Tier 4 Recipe List (5)
  • Ability Armor
  • Cure Lessor Ailment
  • Foresight Effect
  • Health Effect
  • Basic Restore Effect
Tier 3 Recipe List (13)
  • Lessor Burned Effect
  • Cure Ailment Effect
  • Lessor Hallucinations Effect
  • Lessor Impaired Effect
  • Lessor DAG Effect
  • Lessor Paranoia Effect
  • Lessor Petrification Effect
  • Lessor Poison Effect
  • Regular Restore Effect
  • Truth Effect
  • Versatile Trap
  • Lessor Weakness Effect
  • Stun Effect
Tier 2 Recipe List (18)
  • Ailment Resistance Effect
  • Regular Burned Effect
  • Calm Emotions Effect
  • Regular Hallucinations Effect
  • Regular Impaired Effect
  • Regular DAG Effect
  • Regular Paranoia Effect
  • Regular Petrification Effect
  • Regular Poison Effect
  • Rage Effect
  • Major Restore Effect
  • Slow Effect
  • Regular Weakness Effect
  • Mental Resistance
  • Fear Effect
  • Magic Resistance
  • Social Resistance
  • Diplomacy Effect
Tier 1 Recipe List (10)
  • Major Burned Effect
  • Cure Major Ailment Effect
  • Major Hallucinations Effect
  • Major Impaired Effect
  • Major DAG Effect
  • Major Paranoia Effect
  • Major Petrification Effect
  • Major Poison Effect
  • Master Restore Effect
  • Major Weakness Effect


The Artificer has 35 Recipes available to them. They focus on imbuing abilities into held or worn items.

Tier 5 Recipe List (4)
  • Barrier Effect
  • Magic Blast Effect
  • Speak with Dead Effect
  • Disarm Effect
Tier 4 Recipe List (7)
  • Foresight Effect
  • Heal Self Taliman Effect
  • Lore Resource Effect
  • Disguise Self Effect
  • Dodge Effect
  • Entanglement Effect
  • Forgettable Face Effect
Tier 3 Recipe List (8)
  • Ability Armor Effect
  • Leech Effect
  • Sacrifice Effect
  • Stealth Effect
  • Tongues Effect
  • Versatile Trap
  • Intimidation Effect
  • Truth Effect
Tier 2 Recipe List (11)
  • Blink Effect
  • Decoy Effect
  • Knockdown Effect
  • Knockout Effect
  • Magic Mimic Effect
  • Maim Limb Effect
  • Pull Effect
  • Sanctuary Effect
  • Silence Effect
  • Suggestion Effect
  • Taunt Effect
Tier 1 Recipe List (5)
  • Berserk Effect
  • Blind Sense Effect
  • Deafen Effect
  • Heal Group Effect
  • Truth Group Effect

If you have a recipe that is no longer used, please let a GM know and we will trade it out with one of an equivalent choice.