Beastfolk are the most adaptable and resilient races that are considered native to Astrel. They can be found in every environment, region, and city.

Population Statistics #

The percent of the population that are Beastfolk in the given regions.

Capital of the Halcyon Sovereignty12%
The Baahir Republic22%
Duchy Jernigan16%
Duchy Stenstrom25%
Duchy Illychnyaev11%
Duchy Velazquez9%

History #

The Beastfolk are one of the oldest races to appear on Astrel and their history goes back to its origins. Sadly many believe that their rich history is lost to time and the secrets of Astrel’s creation are lost with it. 

Current Beliefs #

For the most part the Beastfolk culture is look and feel is identical to the area that they are from or in at the time.

Attire #

It is common that in places of comfort or within their own homes robes are a common adornment. but beyond that they dress as the culture that they are in.

Fables, Phrases, and Rhymes #

One of the things that follows Beastfolk culture is fables and rhymes that they tell to their children. Many believe them to be just children’s games, but some believe there might be more to them. Stories of lost cities, magical locations, and even great and powerful beings that get passed down from generation to generation through rhymes and children’s games.

A common phrase spoken by these people is, “The events are set.” This refers to a common idea among beastfolk that you cannot control the world around you but you can choose how you react to that world.

Racial Abilities #

In our world, each race is able to use abilities, and these abilities can be representations of skills or even magic. Every ability is available but some abilities are more common with each race. Since the Beastfolk are incredibly resiliant, they have a few abilities that reflect that. Whey you start a Beastfolk character they would get a racial ability which are going to be Knockdown, Natural Armor, Tracking, or something specific to your background that you have created. The GM’s choose this ability, but you are able to request one. If it is a good fit you will probably get it.