Duchy Velazquez Culture

Culture #

Traders, Lovers, and Artists. They are upfront negotiators and never afraid to speak their mind and like deals to be fair upfront. Their humor is without Spite and never at anyone else’s expense. Like most of the Halcyon Sovereignty, Success is measured in wealth and influence, but unlike the other areas, arrogance can make your coin worthless. Respect is earned and cannot be bought or won. They are upfront and Honest.

They live in Extended family groups and hold their families to the same high standards for honesty as they do their trade partners. Negotiations and Contracts are extremely important to these people and held as the highest regard. Combat is not frownd upon but the people here prefer to make deals to make everyone happy.

Art is one of the most valuable commodity in this region, commonly using the gems and stones obtained from the mines in their creations. Musically they use a lot of String and Percussion Instruments.

Duchy Velazquez in the southwest is under the auspices of Duke Matias Velazquez, the Queen’s Father. Most of the stone, ore, and precious metals that come from the Human nation comes from this Duchy. It is the largest mining area that the Humans have, overshadowed only by the Dwarves.

Real world ties: This area is based around Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil, and other Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking. Characters hailing from this area would have accents from these countries.

Population Statistics #

Total PopulationTBD

Geography #

There are two main features of this Duchy, The Large Desert that covers over 80% of its area, but also a vibrant coast line with multiple cities filled with a diverse culture. This is the most expansive trade area for the Halcyon Sovereignty. The coast is rich with metals and precious stones, making it a large mining community as well. 

Major Houses #

Attire #

Vibrant flowing colors, mostly colors of fire and passion. Multitude of reds, yellows, and oranges but with some green, blue, and white accents. The Clothing is layered with these bright colors and you will rarely find black or white in their wardrobe. Here you will find loose clothes and shirts, sashes rather than belts, head wraps, and plenty of jeweler. When armor is used it tends to be Scale to be with a multitude of shiny surfaces and colors to show vibrancy.