Population Statistics #

The percent of the population that are Elves in the given regions.

Capital of the Halcyon Sovereignty5%
The Baahir Republic5%
Duchy Jernigan2%
Duchy Stenstrom7%
Duchy Illychnyaev1%
Duchy Velazquez7%

Racial Abilities #

In our world, each race is able to use abilities, and these abilities can be representations of skills or even magic. Every ability is available but some abilities are more common with each race. Since the Elves are more in touch with the natural world, they have a few abilities that reflect that. Whey you start a Elf character they would get a racial ability which are going to be Tongues, Dodge, Stealth, or something specific to your background that you have created. The GM’s choose this ability, but you are able to request one. If it is a good fit you will probably get it.