Halcyon Sovereignty

The full and proper name of this region is “The Reign of the Right an True Halcyon Sovereignty of the Denizens of Astrel” but most refer to it as the Halcyon Sovereignty.

The Halcyon Sovereignty is a dual monarchy, with a feudal system. For the most part they are Humans that are focused on individual identity and possessions. To own land is a privilege and a sign of power. There are also a set of titles that go along with the hierarchy of the Culture.

Population Statistics #

Total Population:TBD
Most Prominent Race:Human – 59%
Second Most Prominent:Beastfolk – 17%
Third Most Prominent:Dwarf – 10%
Fourth Most Prominent:Elf – 2%
Fifth Most Prominent:Other

Political Regions #

The Halcyon Sovereignty is divided in to 5 political regions. They are 4 Duchies that are ruled and maintained by the Nobles and the Capital which is lead by the King and Queen together. Here is a list of all of the Regions:

Religion #

The Empire typically worship The Saints. The Saints are former Human Royals that have Ascended. Once someone of the Royal Family Ascends they leave this plane and are worshiped for good favor over things that they accomplished. 

If a Royal was a skilled warrior, then they would be a Saint of combat, and warriors may worship them to bring them favor in their endeavors.

List of Saints #

  1. Plentiful King Grissom – Lord over the Fields (Agricultural)
  2. Pious Queen Alene – Lady of Health and Vitality
  3. Hardy King Rowan – Lord of the Wilderness and the Hunt
  4. Prosperous Queen Ricca – Lady of Wealth and Fortune
  5. Unyielding King Andrei – Lord of the Forge
  6. Resourceful Queen Helga – Lady of Provision
  7. Cordial King Wilhelm – Lord of Hosts and Hearth
  8. Mighty Queen Ione – Lady of War 
  9. Shrewd King Santiago – Lord of Cunning and Guile
  10. Somber Queen Hannah – Lady of Ascension and Death
  11. Mysterious Queen Dara – Lady of Arcane and Magic
  12. Graceful King Jerald – Lord of Love and Family

Factions and Other Major Organizations #

Beyond the Royal Family and the Nobles there are additional organizations that have heavy influence on the Halcyon Sovereignty. Those organizations would be the Order, and the Guilds..

Government #

At the top you have the King and Queen, both ruling their portion of the kingdom. Below them are the Four Duchies. Each duchy has its own political structure that allows the Monarchy to maintain power. 

Each Duchy is run by a Duke or Duchess that rules over it with several others reporting to them.

1 Duke or Duchess
2 Earl
4 Counts or Countesses
8 Barons or Baronesses
16 Lords and Ladies
All other Individuals in the Duchy

Local Laws #

As Apply to All Creatures:

  • Murder: Blood tax (Repayment of Lost life) or Execution
  • Heresy: Forced Desecration of Religious Artifacts and Acceptance of Divine Curses as a result.
  • Extortion or Theft: Repayment of Lost Property by two-fold.
  • Practice of Unlawful Magics: Held in custody till Order hears the case
  • Magical Malpractice: Repayment of Loss of Property by two-fold
  • Conspiracy and Sedition: Execution to leader, Possible imprisonment for followers
  • Failure to Pay Taxes: Taxes Due (x 1.5) plus Jail Time
  • Public Drunkenness: Drunk Tank and 2 Copper fine
  • Public Indecency: Drunk Tank and 1 Silver fine
  • Assault or Harassment of a Government Official: Case by Case
  • Trespassing: Case by Case
  • Vandalism: Repayment of damaged property two-fold

The Royal Family #

The royal family consists of King Torben II, Queen Elisenda I, and Princess Isidora I. Her Royal Highness hails from the southwestern Duchy Velazquez and is currently pregnant with the second royal child.

The Royal Family is worshiped as descendants of the gods so they have the power. They have played the long con and have the knowledge to utilize the magics of the realm. Only the royal family and the archduchies, and the highest ranking members of the Order of the Halcyon Doctrine know about the secrets about them not being native to Astrel.

This monarchy is a dual throne Monarchy (Queen and King rule equally.). The King and Queen Preside over the Capital equally, but then oversee two Duchies each.

Real world ties: This area is based around Germany. Characters hailing from the Royal lands would have Germanic accents.