Vertegron Culture

Culture #

Vertigron is a culture that resides in a series of Islands that includes woodlands, savannas, freshwater lakes and streams, salt marshes, mangrove, volcanic areas, offshore coral reefs, and deep sea trenches. Founded by Orcs, Vertegron has become a haven for the ambitions. Calling themselves Void Callers, you can find almost any race here now, but good luck finding it because the only people that know where its located in the Expanse are those that have been there. Even then it takes a skilled navigator to guide travelers safely.

This culture is highly aggressive in nature, not necessarily in combat, but in desire. People of this culture know what they want and they will go to almost any means to get it. Void Callers have traditionally learned traits to sell themselves. They are good at weaving entertaining tales about their background and accomplishments so that you want to hear more. This makes Void Callers usually talented orators and story tellers. These stories tend to be about themselves and their accomplishments.

Void Callers tend to covet devices that allow them to do amazing things. They search the known worlds looking for things that have fallen out of portals, especially if it is magical or of higher technology than what is currently available in the world.

Tattoos #

Void Callers not only own their achievements but also the lessons they had to learn the hard way. This ownership of opportunities has created a habit of adding tattoos to their physical scars that are on their bodies. The celebrate the lessons they have learned and own those experiences. A Void Caller with a lot of scares is not a bad thing as long as they have the accomplishments to over power them. These scars are always genuinely earned and never self inflicted. If the organization that the Void Caller worked for found out that they had falsely tried to fabricate these, they could loose ranks, funding or even be released from the organization entirely.

Population Statistics #

Total PopulationTBD

Names #

Members of this culture Have both a given name and a family name but once they are hired by an organization they add “Of the” and the Organization name. Many take pride in their Organization more than they do family. Its also really common that if they do something an favorable they will leave their name behind entirely and take on a new one when they go to a now organization.

Organizations #

The people here belong to several different organizations all spread out over several different groupings of islands. Loyalty is not so much earned as much as it is bought. Head hunters of each organization gather every year for a major conference to bid on perspective members of their organization. Freelancers or people not happy with their place in life can stand up in front of a massive congregation of all of the major leaders in this culture and they sell themselves, either in what they are capable of or what accomplishments they have already made. These organizations will throw resources, statuses, and titles at these potential candidates and the individual gets to choose which one to accept. People that make great achievements for their organization are promoted and given great rewards to ensure that they are able to keep producing for the group.

The Concourse Association #

One of the largest fleets of Vertegron. It is easy to find an office in any port city, helping this organization gain reputation as ships for hire. They mainly focus in shipping items from one place to the next but have been known to even take on protection and navigation contracts as well. They have kept their connection to Vertegron a closely held secret up until recent events.

Southwest Trading Company #

Deals primarily with antiques and purveyors of fine housewares and relics. Known for their Auction houses where many wealthy individuals will buy and sell rare or unique items. With their largest auction house being in the Capital City of the Halcyon Sovereignty it came at a bit of a shock when it was revealed to have close ties to the Vertegron.

Paradigm Logistics #

Not much is known about Paradigm Logistics, but its said to be an exclusive organization of powerful individuals that together run most if not all of the organizations in Vertegron. Rumor holds that only the top leadership of any company is invited to join their ranks, but sworn to never speak about the organization to anyone except those who are a part of it.

Attire #

Many of the organizations from Vertegron have a very large portion of naval forces and thus most of the common clothing is uniforms fitting a very proper style. Societies outside of this culture tend to have very negative opinions of Void Callers and their culture so to combat this many organizations have developed a very professional dress for their look. Long coats, buttons and vests are very common attire. To remain easily identifiable Void Callers are encouraged to be in Uniform when they are presenting or working, but when they are not, they are wearing what ever allows them to blend in and be the most basic practical clothing. Their Uniforms are usually vivid colors that contrasts to their common attire which is non identifiable. Each organization has their own color scheme, and influence.