The Guilds represent the Skilled Crafters of Astrel. They are the place someone goes to learn a new trade. Filled with talented individuals, there are three tiers per Guild. The Apprentice, The Journeyman, and the Master. There are many people at each level of the Guild but the higher you go the more revered you are at your craft. 

To focus on a craft, the Guilds are divided into three different categories; The Alchemists, The Artificers, and the Artisans. 

One of the greatest benefits of being in a guild is that you have access to several recipes and discounted materials to aid you in your craft.

Contracts #

When joining the guilds, you have to sign a contract that locks you into their service. This also has a set of guidelines for you as a member of the guild.

Rules of Governance: #
  1. All mandates from senior members of the guild must be adhered to and followed at all times.
  2. Apprentices may not deviate from the instructions of their sponsor.
  3. Apprentices must adhere to any guild commissions that they have been assigned. They may not be allowed compensation as these commissions are demonstrations of their continued training.
  4. Apprentices must complete a 3-month training and display of their skill and expertise in order to advance to the rank of Journeyman.
  5. A Journeyman must adhere to any guild commissions that they have been assigned. They may receive appropriate compensation for these commissions once completed to the expectations of the guild.
  6. A Journeyman can become a sponsor for an apprentice. A maximum of two apprentices at one time.
  7. Journeyman will complete a Masterwork Artifact as designated or approved by the guild. This work will demonstrate the knowledge and skill of their craft. 
  8. All Masterwork Artifacts that are completed for Master level proficiency will be retained by the guild for their exclusive use and profit. 
  9. All product/craft/work will be to the highest standards as upheld by the voting members of the guild and subject to inspection and approval as deemed necessary.
  10. All pricing/sales/materials will be set and approved by the guild at all times. 
  • The welfare of the Guild shall take priority over all matters of life, prosperity, and loyalty.
Alchemist Guild #

The Alchemist Guild has a focus in Potions and Poisons, breaking down their chemical properties and ensuring that they carry the desired results. Whether the recipient is willing or unwilling, an alchemist is always in search of how new ingredients will react.

Artificing Guild #

Artificers walk a very thin line of creation and madness, being the ones to take mundane items and breathe life into them using Magic. From healing a wound to calming a beast, Artificers are the one you want to make you a bunch of useful items to keep you safe. Just be careful though, the Items are use at your own risk.

Artisan Guild #

The smell of Iron, Leather, and coal fills the air of the Artisan Guild Halls. Before going into battle, make sure that your equipment was made from an Artisan Master. The last thing you want is to have your shield fail you when you need it most.

Structure and Pay #

Apprentice #

An Apprentice is given mandatory commissions that they must complete for the Guild. They are not paid for these commissions, but the Knowledge they learn from these are invaluable. You apprentice to a Journeyman or Master within your field. After three months or so of active work you will reach the Journeyman status. (Must attend 3 games and actively work on your profession.)

Journeyman #

Journeymen get mandatory guild commissions as well, but receive payment for the work that they do.

Master #

The lucky few that reach Master level within a guild are individuals that have proven themselves and the feats that they are capable of. To achieve the rank of Master you must have created an Artifact and given it to the guild. Upon doing this, you then get the perk of being able to refuse guild jobs, and even request materials or recipes from the guild. 

It is not an easy task getting to the rank of Master, but many try.