Haven is nestled between two lakes, Lake Frigga and Lake Lyla, that the locals just call the Sisters. Fishing and aquatic nurseries are a large part of the town’s foundation along with fertile farmland. Haven has a general store, apothecary, multiple food vendors, local guard house, blacksmith, inn, and the well-known Molly Mavis Tavern. Anyone who stays at Molly’s Tavern finds their stay to be quite refreshing, and wake up with a renewed vigor for the day. The town is just south of Lake Meris with a road connecting from Ashton and Nora’s Respite.

Folklore claims Haven was founded by Haven Vermillion, a mysterious traveler from beyond the veil, who had a deep connection to the Sisters. He would often speak of the sun and the moon as if had known them personally. Vermillion was said to have spent thirty days meditating with nature between the two lakes. He never moved, was watered by the morning dew, fed by passing birds, and guarded by a pack of wolves. At the end of thirty days, a mound rose from the ground which he hollowed out to create his home. Thus Haven was founded.