Faerie holds home to many fantastical creatures along with the kingdom of the fairies. The settled areas are very warm and inviting, almost enchanting even, but the further you get away from these areas the more twisted and dangerous the nature of this world gets. 

The cities in Faerie come in two styles. The Summer Court is almost like exaggerations of plants and trees. Long structures with incredible detail. Many of the windows are mosaics with colored glass in a very asymmetric way. The sinuous curves almost give way to almost a whiplash of dynamic movement. These structures would fit very well in the Art Nouveau style.

The cities of the Winter court’s architecture are identified by elongated towers and very symmetrical designs.  On the interior, you long elegant staircases and windows, the homes are adorn with multiple balconies and a fireplace in every room. 

Faerie is controlled by two courts of Fae, the Summer Court and the Winter Court. The Summer court is the original royalty headed by the Queen and two Ladies as her royal council. Its less of a ruling body and more of a social structure that is always shifting, these Fae are more bright and colorful, can be seen as peppy, seductive, emotional, flamboyant, and even hot headed. These Fae are far more likely to lure you in with promises and enticing offers, but these deals come at a cost usually greater than you realize. These Fae are very capable of cruelty but will be very secretive about it.

The story goes that the Winter Court was a group of Fae that participated in an uprising breaking off from the Summer Court. Establishing their own monarchy, the Winter Court allows their leader to sit on the throne for only 1000 years. Their time can be extended if the court agrees to have it continue. These Fae tend to be more sensible, chilled, dark, mystique, eerie or ravishing even. These Fae are more likely to be upfront and honest about their cruelty which makes them appear eviler than the others. 

The Fae courts are the paramount social structure for the Fae society with strong political alliances to extend their reach across the cosmos. Their members reside in nearly every plane that exists.

There are some Fae that swear no allegiance to any court, these Fae may be respected for their abilities, but are looked down on for not participating in the social/political game that they play.

Either physically, emotionally, or mentally, the Fae enjoy their games that they play on others, making them one of the more manipulative cultures that exists.

Races that you will find here include: Faeries, Dryads, Satyrs, Elves, Pixies, Sirens, and Centaurs. In the darker, more frightening parts of this plane you will find other races like: Hags, Goblins, and Trolls.

This plane is also a common source for magical creatures and beasts as well. Darklings, Quicklings, Redcaps, Sprites, and Unicorns are found here.