Irhdell is the gateway city to the Ancúram lands. It sits on the edge of the badlands, intertwined In the trees of the Ancient Wood. Around its borders you see a series of White Spires made of Marble climbing 200 to 300 feet high. They sit alongside the trees as if they were meant to be there. Each spire is about 500 feet apart. Between the spires, there are strands of something blue and shimmering draped from peak to peak. These spires are the cities only boundary without disturbing the wildlife that exists within the Ancient wood

The entire city sits amongst the trees, some built into them and some on the ground, but all of them look like they have always been. Irhdell also has a very large Market area filled with carts and small stands but at its center is a large cauldron bubbling with an enticing aroma. Rumor is that no matter how many eat from this cauldron, it is always full, and that one bowl from it will sustain a person for up to 3 days.