The Plane of Imperium is an ever-changing landscape, intense and unforgiving climates with extremely harsh conditions. Considered to be a source of great power. 

Securely nested within this plane is the organization known as the Imperium. The Imperium is home to Demon Lords and Celestials who each rule over a domain. These domains range from The Department of Corrections to the Department of Waste Management. Most of the time the Celestials and  Princes hold these positions, but occasionally an Archdevil or Jinn will find its way into power.

This may sound like they really have their stuff together, but it’s almost impossible to get anything done. Everything is behind so much bureaucracy and red tape that it takes years if not centuries to get anything done. Can you imagine standing in line for 3 years just to find out you have the wrong form and you need form IMP-657b and you have IMP-657c. To get the form you need to go down the hall and talk to sandy, a pleasant stone golem who informs you that they no longer use form IMP-657c and that you actually need form WISH-464. All of this was just so you could use the bathroom.

The Imperium is home to races like: Tieflings, Dwarves, and Raksha(Cat People).

The beings here love to gift their powers to all kinds of creatures, beasts, and races giving birth to some incredibly diverse entities. Some of those things reside in the Imperium. Here are but a few: Celestials, Couatl, Devils, Demons, Dybbuks, Gnoll, Hellhounds, Imps, Kirin, Pit Fiends, and Tanarukks