The Economy

There are several ways to make money. Each one has its own unique responsibilities. 

  • Join the Military
    • So you have decided to swear an oath to the local Duke or Duchess. You are charged with keeping people safe and ensuring that nobody breaks any laws. For doing this you will receive a passive income based on your rank in the military. 
  • Join a Guild
    • As a member of a guild, you will receive jobs that are in accordance with your skill level. Apprenticeships are not paid, but by the time you reach a Journeyman, you will start getting paid for the jobs you complete for the guild.
  • Join the Order
    • Maybe your goals lie a little deeper within the Hallowed Halls of the Order. Dusty tomes, and relics of long forgotten events find their way into dark hiding places. Keepers of the dangerous, the order is dedicated to keeping the beings under its charge safe. The first few levels of being in the Order are unpaid, but once you receive a title, you would then start receiving a passive income.
  • Find players willing to pay you to do something they don’t want to do like gather resources.
    • There is not a formal structure for things like this, you will need to talk to people and offer to assist them.
  • Use a crafting ability to craft things (In game) and sell them.
    • Offer up your skills for coin, let others know you can make them things that they may want to have!