Player Expectations

Covid-19 #

Currently we are in the process of opening back up fully from the pandemic. This is a long process and will take time to do.

The current guidelines are:

> All Green County Residents are welcome since with have over 50% Vaccination.

> If you are not a Green County resident, we ask that you show proof that you have received the Vaccine, or that you can show a negative test result from within the last 7 days before the event.

> Masking is encouraged but not mandatory.

Restrictions are subject to change at any time.

Our overall goal is player safety, and if at any time we feel that is not being accomplished we will do what ever is needed at that time to achieve it.

Age #

Our game is family friendly, so all ages are welcome. There are some guidelines that are required to be followed as you are planning your events.

  • > Ages 0-10 – Requires a Parent or Guardian to be supervising them at all times.
  • > Ages 11-17 – Requires a Parent or Guardian’s signature of approval on all waivers.
  • > Ages 18+ – Able to attend once they have signed the waivers.

Liability Waivers #

We take every precaution we can to prevent injury before it happens, but accidents do happen. Even though we carry insurance for those instances, there are still certain regulations we have to follow. There are currently four liability waivers that you must sign per year in order to attend one of our events.

NPC Requirements #

All players are required to sign up for a time where they are able to be used for NPC duty. During this time, the GMs can request for you to NPC, but depending on what is going on, they may not. If you have circumstances that will affect your time choice, such as an elaborate costume that is difficult or time consuming to don and doff, please discuss with the GMs, and we will work with you to find a time that is easier for you to fulfill this requirement.

For players that do not feel comfortable in combat, we also have non-combat rolls to fill as well.

Garb #

Garb or lose racial applications are encouraged. These can be things like ears, horns, beards, face paint, etc… It doesn’t have to be complicated, but don’t show up in jeans and a printed t-shirt. New players are exempt from this rule for 2 events. Garb should match the theme of the character you are making. With our system, your character can be from any setting you choose but has been dropped into a medieval Fantasy world. Are you trying to fit in? Are you from a Cyberpunk setting with a much more futuristic feel, or is it a dark dry post-apocalyptic world? Your Garb is will hopefully reflect that.

Rule of Two #

In most cases, you will have two plot events (approximately two months) before certain rules apply to you.

For new players, they are allowed two events before the garb/racial appliance rule applies. After that, they must have at least basic garb in order to be able to use their background or cultural ability. Basic garb can be a simple t-shirt tunic and a pair of scrub or wrap pants, and something to indicate race if they are something other than human or human looking. For example, a cat person could have a pair of Halloween-style cat ears.

We do allow players to owe for the monthly day events, but you can only owe for two at a time. If you owe for more than that, you will not be allowed to participate. If you are not able to pay for any weekend event, then you will not be allowed to participate. Additionally, you will not receive your open ability slot until you have paid.

Players have two events to choose to redo their starting abilities for a new character.

Another place the Rule of Two Players can have as many characters as they want, but they can only bring two at a time to any event.

Personal Quest Submissions #

At Meadowmere LARP, we want your gameplay to be personalized, so we allow players to submit their own abilities and recipes. Additionally, we want to be able to run their own story in addition to the GM supplied plots.

In order to allow the GMs time to plan for and approve your abilities and recipes, as well as assess any new additions to your kit, all personal plots, props, new characters, abilities and crafting recipes must be submitted to the GMs by the preceding social event. If any of these things are turned in late, they will still be evaluated, but they will not be available until the next plot event.

For example, for the April plot event, a player must submit any new items to the GMs on or before the March social event. If the items are submitted after the March social, they will be not be available until the next month’s event.