In-Game Structures

Structures are a recipe that can be learned by the Artisan. The station is equivalent to a Tier 2 recipe, and Buildings are a Tier 1. Each one would have a different recipe assigned. You may not damage anyone’s station or building without their permission out of game. It is also encouraged to request Building Permit through roleplay.

Station #

  • > Designated by a cloth or sheet set out over a table or on the ground and a sign that states the type of station.
  • > No more than 2 people can use a station at a time
  • > Stations are placed once per game, and can be placed in buildings.
  • > There is a 4 person requirement to move a station.

Building #

  • > Designated by a 10 x 10 space marked by a barrier or physical marking to represent the building. An example of this would be an Easy-up shelter.
  • > No more than 4 can gain the benefit of a building at a time.
  • > No more than 2 stations can be within a build at any given time.
  • > Buildings are placed at the beginning of the game and cannot be moved.
  • > Needs approval from a GM on placement.

Example Recopies #

Each structure will have its own recipe, so as an artisan you will need to learn each one that you want to be able to build.

Station #

1 Scarce
4 Commons
9 Abundants

This recipe would cost 4.47 Gold to learn and make it the first time but would cost 1.49 Gold to make every time after.

Building #

1 Rare
6 Commons
9 Abundants

This recipe would cost 32.07 Gold to learn and make it the first time but would cost 10.69 Gold to make every time after.

Example Structures #

Every structure will have its own unique ability or bonus that it provides Some Stations and Building have interesting synergy that make fascinating combinations. You can at max get a benefit from one Station and one Building at a time.

Trade Station

Can trade 10 Abundant materials for 1 copper. Max of 10 Copper per game.

Shop (Building)

Order a recipe or material from the full catalogue. That recipe will be available for you at the next event.

Med Station

Healing Items made here give 2 health points instead of one.

Infirmary (Building)

Time spent Here can heal wounds.

5 Mins – 1 health or a limb.
10 Mins – 2 health or a torso.
15 Mins – fully healed.

The Infirmary cannot regrow limbs or cure status effects.

Workbench (Station)

Recipes crafted at this station can change 1 resource into 9 resources 1 step down, of the same type.

Workshop (Building)

Items crafted here take 50% less time to craft. Recipes normally take 1 min per recourse required.

Shrine (Station)

Spend 1 min here to receive 1 pt. of Ability Armor. Any person can gain this benefit once per day.

Temple (Building)

Spend 2.5 GP to cleanse you of any Ailments

Book Shelf (Station)

Can ask a second question with one use of Lore.

School (Building)

While training a new ability makes 1 hour count as 2.

Well (Station)

Anyone can regain 1 use of a 4 or 5 use ability once per day.

Spa (Building)

Anyone can regain 1 use of a 2 or 3 use ability once per day.

Do you have an idea for a structure? #

If you feel that you have a unique idea for a unique effect or ability that you feel would make a good structure, feel free to contact us and let us know. If we like the idea and its not going to break the game, you might just see it be added.