Universal Hand Signals

Meadowmere LARP currently uses five universal hand signals. These signals can be done with either the left or the right hands.

The first and most standard between LARPs is the out of game signal. You place your hand or weapon on your head.

Then we have three signals for ability usage. For a single target, ranged ability, a player must point at the target when they use their ability. If the player uses a line of sight ability, they must sweep their arm in front of them. Finally, for an area of effect (AoE) ability, a player must make a claw of their hand and hold it vertically above their head. Alternately, a weapon can be held aloft if the hand is not empty.

Lastly, to indicate a character speaking another language, the player places their hand on the same shoulder. Characters who do not understand your alternate language, must play as though they cannot understand what you are saying.