Civil Service System

We want to reward those that go above and beyond to support Meadowmere! In order to do so, we have created Civil Service, and by doing specific tasks, you can earn service points. These points can then be used to gain other benefits.

How do you get points? #

Points One Time Rewards
6 Complete the Getting Started Guide


Points Monthly Rewards
2 Automatic points given for completing the After Event Survey. (Once per event in the Social Forum.)
5 Automatic points given for Roleplay Stories, Letters, Journal Entries, etc… 50 Word Minimum. (Once per event in the Roleplay Forum.)
5 Automatic points for giving Player Kudos after an event. (Once per event in the Event Posts Roleplay Forum.)
10 For each referred friend who attends 2 day events or 1 weekend event. They must mark this on their checkout in order for you to get points.
10 If you choose not to accept a GM Gift ability from an event, you may instead take this CSP reward.
1 – 25 Kit Bonus. Must be agreed on by two or more GMs, and can not get multiple times for the same / similar kit.


Points Volunteer Rewards
2 Per hour donated of unskilled labor/volunteer work or NPC Shift.
4 Per hour donated of skilled labor.
6 Per hour donated for hard or gross labor.
X Wildcard – For specific tasks that can be determined at any time based on need.


Points Donation Rewards
1/$2 Annual Donation Drive held in the fall. We will supply a list of things that we are looking for to support the game, and if you want to donate to the organization, we will give you 1 point for every $2 you spend on those things.


How can you use points? #

As a best practice, we would appreciate if you were to contact us either at a social or message us directly to spend points for larger purchases rather than waiting until a regular event .

Cost General Options
3 Health Potions (1 per event)
5 If you missed a day event, you can still get the benefits as if you were there. (Passive Income, work on training new abilities)
5 Mortality Quest – Normally only those that are opted into the Mortality System may participate, but for 5 CSP at the checkin of a camping event, you may sign up a non mortality character to participate. If they are defeated, they cannot rejoin the quest, where as those in the Mortality System can. (1 per event)
Starts at 6 A permanent upgrade to one of your abilities. See the chart below for more details on upgrade costs. (Must be approved)
15 Lower Mortality rating by 1% (Limit 2 per season)
15 Remove an ability from your character
25 Start with an additional ability when creating a new character. (Limit 2: Second costs twice as much)
25-50 Start with Backstory upgrades


Cost Materials
1 10 Abundant Resources of one type.
5 Common Resource
10 Scarce Resource
20 Rare Resource

Upgrading Ability Cost Chart #

A character can upgrade their abilities through Civil Service Points. Each subsequent ability upgrade increases the costs the player must pay for the next upgrade. For example, if a player upgrades Dodge to have an additional use, then the second upgrade would cost 10 points regardless of which ability it is tied to.

First Upgrade 6 Points
Second Upgrade 10 Points
Third Upgrade 15 Points
Fourth Upgrade 21 Points
Fifth Upgrade 28 Points
Sixth Upgrade 36 Points
Seventh Upgrade 45 Points
Eighth Upgrade 55 Points
Ninth Upgrade 66 Points
Tenth Upgrade 78 Points
Eleventh Upgrade 91 Points
Twelve or more Upgrades 100 Points

Use this form to upgrade your abilties, but keep in mind that not all abilities can be upgraded in all copacities, and all requests are subject to GM aproval.