Non-Native Races

In Astrel we have 5 Native Races, Beastfolk, Dwarves, Elves, Human, and Orc. Of these five, only the Orcs are not available to be a playable race right now. We have plans to release them in the future. Each of the Native Races have certain aspects that belong to them, cultures that have already been built and a world that they already belong to. There is quite a bit of content that you can work with weaving your story into what we have already built.

Maybe you want something different, maybe you already have a world in mind that your character came from or you have a unique look that you want that doesn’t match the cultures we have in game. Maybe your character doesn’t come from a Medieval Fantasy world, and they are actually from a Post Apocalyptic or Urban Fantasy type world. Then what you are looking for is a Non-Native Race.

There are no restrictions on what race you can make but depending on the difficulty or its uniqueness, the GM’s will work with you to figure out how it can work in our game. Please keep in mind, that not everything is possible in our world, so where as you might have been extremely powerful where you came from, you are probably not as powerful here in our realm. The GM’s will work with you to retain the integrity of what you are looking for. Some examples of unique races we have had before are Cyborgs, Changelings, Foxfolk, and Golems.