Over anything else Safety is our number 1 priority. 

Hold #

When you are attending an event, you may hear someone yell the word “Hold” If you do say it loudly 1 time so that others can here it and so that the GM’s know you heard it. Do not keep repeating it. 

This is used when an individual is either hurt or injured and may need medical attention or may be doing something that is could be particularly harmful. For example, you are walking through an area and your friend is about to step on a snake. Yelling Hold here could prevent a bad situation.

Another example where it may be used, two people are in combat and one person is backing up and behind them is a ditch or hole that they could fall into. Many times, the player that sees it will just tell them “Behind you” to alert them, but if neither of them see it and someone else sees what is happening they may yell “Hold” because they are not right there and need to get their attention.

Hold should not be used for any other types of situations as we do not want to diminish the importance of its use.

Colored Belts/Sashes #

We use a colored belt/sash system to indicate out-of-game player conditions. These colors will always be fluorescent so they stand out and do not look like garb. Belts or sashes must be visible at all times during game on.

Orange: People wearing a belt or sash of this color are out of game completely. They could be photographers, vendors, or have other reasons for being out of game. These people are not in game with you and should never be engaged in combat.

Yellow: Players wearing a belt or sash of this color are in game and may be interacted with, but never should be engaged in combat. Another player may point at them and say aloud they kill the belted player, but may not physically contact them in anyway, including with a weapon. 

Additionally, a yellow-belted player should not be near combat. While the belt indicates your non-combat status, accidents can happen. If combat breaks out near a yellow-belted player, that player is responsible for removing themselves from the vicinity.

Pink: Players wearing a belt or sash of this color should not be approached from behind. This is for the safety of other players as there could be any number of reasons to not approach a person from behind.

Blue: This color is to designate an object that can be interacted with specific abilities. Examples include cards that can only be read if you have the ability listed on them, or unique items.

Green: This color is used to designate an object that characters can not see but for safety reasons needs to be visible. We use this on traps so that players do not trip on them.

No Ceramic or Glass #

For player safety, we do not allow Ceramic or Glass at any or our events. If either of these break, that could cause a risk of injury since this is considered an active sport.