Death and Defeated

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If you fall in battle, you are considered Defeated. You are out of the game for 5 minutes. During this time, find a GM and they will help you by randomly picking an ability that you lose for the rest of the day. You get this ability back at the start of the next day.

You can then return to the game as normal unless you have chosen to be a part of the Perma-Death System.

Opt-in Perma-Death system #

Players are not required to join the Perma-Death System. This is an optional system based off Percentile. Everyone starts at 0% and when defeated, that player must roll a percentile and must roll higher than their percentage or they are permanently dead. 

For example, if your % is at 3 and you roll a 3 or lower, your character is operantly gone, if you roll higher than 3 then you narrowly escaped death. Each time that you are defeated your percentage goes up by 1%. As you can tell this is a pretty low risk early on, but the more you are defeated the more opportunities and likelihood it is that your character won’t survive. 

There are some benefits though for the system. There will be some quests that will only be available to those that opt in, but will offer much higher rewards if you do.