Story and Quests

Meadowmere’s Stories are divided into Seasons. Each season runs from March till November, and then we take December through February off. We may hold some social events, but no story is usually happening at this time. Part of the reason is because of the Holiday Season, but also we need time to come up with a good story for the next year.

Main Story #

During the season you will see a lot of similar themes or even NPCs that are recurring. Players are encouraged to interact with these events. They are considered the Main Story for that season. This includes 7 Day events, and 2 Weekend (Camping) events. Each event is usually 1 month apart.

There are usually two really big twists or challenges the payers interact with during the season and those happen at the Camping Events. The actions of the players at these events will normally change the pace or options of future events.

Down Time in Game #

As GM’s, it is our goal to supply interesting choices for your character to make in game, but that does not mean that there is always something supplied by the GM’s to interact with.

If the players address the GM’s prompts quickly, or maybe it is something that you are not interested in interacting with, then you should make plans for what your character does on their down time. For example, does your character craft? Are they and Artisan and repair armor or do they go out looking for resources to sell to other players, or maybe you want to use this time to write in your journal? All of these are reasonable and encouraged.

Players bring a lot of variety to the game and fill each event with life. Sometimes its better to go out and find adventure than to wait around and let things happen to you.

Personal Plot/Stories #

Sometimes you want something a little more personalized for your character. To accomplish this, we ask that you submit a Personal Plot request. Fill out this form and give the GM’s an idea of what you are looking for, and if we can fit it in, we will pepper your personal plot into events that we host. Be aware though, you have to be here for the quest to be included.

The GM’s have been known to use Personal Plots in the Main Story, and if that happens and you miss an event, you will have to talk to other characters in game to find out what happened.

Things to Keep in Mind. #

LARP is a shared storytelling experience, At times some players want a story to go one way, but others want it to go another. Its important to know that stories don’t always work out the way you think they should but in our opinions, that makes them even better. Having choices in game and in character make the story better. It is important to learn to work within the story to accomplish what you are wanting while working with other players.

Also remember, we try to simulate realism in some aspects. One aspect where we try to accomplish this is that there are consequences to your actions. If players assassinate a high level noble, then there will be and investigation and may even become the focus of our story, putting other things on hold.